About Me


My name is Mitra Masoumy Esfandi. I was born in Iran, where I spend most of my adolescence, and began my passion for art. At an early age, I began attending art classes in drawing and painting, and found my passion for the oil paint as my medium of choice. Regretfully, circumstances in my life deviated my education from what I truly loved. I attended the University of Texas and received a Bachelor of Science in Medical Dosimetry and I later received a Master of Health Administration from the University of Cincinnati. Years later, my family and I decided to expatriate to Cairo, Egypt for my husband’s career. I found inspiration from the breathtaking art around me, and from traveling to countries around the world. My work, over time, has grown to reflect my journey as a person and as an artist. I focus a majority of my art on a mix of realism and impressionism techniques, using a vast variety of vibrant colors and brushstrokes.

My art Education has been through self-directed studies. I studied impressionist style oil painting at HCAA (Houston Civic Arts Association) with an award-winning artist, Sylvia Trybeck. Oil painting lessons by Khaled Zaytoun at the Art School in Cairo, Egypt; Holly Hunter Berry in Houston, Texas; Christine Lafuente at Acadia Workshop Center in Bernard, Maine; Bruce & Joanne Hunter at The Art Spot, Connecticut; Dmitri Wright at Silvermine Art Center, Connecticut; and David Dunlop, Amy award winner, modern-day old master, landscape painter, and the most influential teacher in my art education.

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